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School Site Advisory Council (SSAC) » Archival SCC Meetings

Archival SCC Meetings

Attention: The School Coordinating Council has been changed to the School Site Council, to see details on the School Site Council please see the link on the right
School Coordinating Council

The School Coordinating Council has 5 to 20 school / community stakeholders as members depending on the size of the school. Examples may include department or faculty chairpersons; office manager, plant manager, student body present, parent directors on school board. The School Coordinating Council provides suggestions and recommendations to the principal on day-to-day operations and issues related to the general direction of the school and school events.



Rogelio Sanchez, Principal
Maria Arellano, Parent representative

Yadira Servantez, 
Parent representative
Magdalena Hernandez, 
Parent representative
Marlem Jerez, Parent Representative
Eduviges Larios, Parent representative
Gloria Perez, Parent representative
Antolina Alvarado, 
Parent representative
Valerie Felix, Teacher representative

Damon McCaskill,  
Teacher representative
Adriana Veliz,  Teacher representative
Claudia Huesca,  Teacher representative
Paulo Lim, Classified staff
Seyi Akinwale, Classified staff
Elvira Alonso, Student body president

Jocelyn Cervantes, Student body Vice President
Cindy Lizaraga, After School All-Stars