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School Site Council (SSC)

School Site Council

Schools are required to form SSCs when they receive categorical funding from the state and federal government. The school site council has 12 school/community stakeholders as members. Examples of members include: principal, 4 Teachers, 1 other staff, 2 parents, 1 community member, 3 students. This group of stakeholders develops this plan and makes decisions on how to spend the money according to the plan.



  • Rogelio Sánchez Jr. - Principal
  • Ricardo Anguiano (Chairperson) - Teacher
  • Claudia Huesca (Vice-Chairperson)- Teacher
  • Allison Byerly - Teacher
  • Cynthia Castellanos -Teacher
  • Sandra Guerrero- Staff (Attendance/Business Manager)
  • Daniel C. - Student 
  • Gisselle R. - Student
  • Helen L.- Student
  • Gloria Perez - Parent 
  • Santos Rivera- Parent
  • Rosalva Amezquita- Parent Alternative
  • Mercedes Carreto- Community Member