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At Burton Technology Academy, parents are partners and are needed to take active and meaningful role to insure the success of our school. 

Research shows that parent involvement in children's learning positively impacts student achievement levels.   We believe that your participation at Burton Technology Academy will really make a difference and will positively impact your child’s academic progress. 

We encourage all parents, legal guardians and adult family members to become actively involved at Burton Technology Academy by serving as a parent volunteer.  Your time, talent and enthusiasm are an integral part of the day-to-day functioning of the school and the overall academic development of your child. 

There are a number of ways you can volunteer and demonstrate your commitment at Burton Technology Academy. Parent volunteer service hours can be earned by directly supporting the school and by supporting your child academically.

School Support
Possible volunteer activities to support the school include:

  • Office support
  • Fundraising activities
  • Breakfast and lunch distribution
  • Field trip assistance and supervision
  • Special events assistance
  • Arrival and dismissal supervision
  • Yard supervision
  • Visitor’s supervision
  • Take-home assignments
  • Initiating phone trees
  • Leadership activities such as serving as the parent representative for your child’s advisory class, participation in the parent advisory committee, school board of directors, or participating in other school committees

Academic Support
Possible volunteer activities to support your child academically include:

  • Wednesday parent workshop participation
  • Classroom support
  • Classroom visits
  • Tutoring support
  • Serving as a parent mentor
  • Assisting with the development and dissemination of the school newsletter

If you would like to volunteer now for specific jobs, please contact the school to be placed on the parent volunteer schedule.  We truly appreciate your participation as a parent volunteer and we will make every attempt to match your interests and skills with projects or tasks that you are comfortable with. 

Please call the school if you have any questions.  I hope you find the parent volunteer guidelines helpful as we work together as partners in your child’s education.


Parent Volunteer Commitment – 40 Hours

  1. We encourage parents to volunteer and discuss the benefits of their engagement with their child’s education.  We ask parents to commit to 40 hours at beginning of the year and offer multiple opportunities and examples of ways to volunteer.   Volunteering is NEVER a condition of enrollment.   
    1. Only parents, stepparents or legal guardians will be credited with service hours.   Family members (21 years and older) who reside in the same household can also be credited with volunteer hours with the Principal’s approval. 
    2. Parents are expected to attend 4 educational workshops which will count towards the 40 hour service commitment.
  2. Volunteers who serve as parent leaders on a school committee or special activity for the entire school year or for the duration of a particular project will automatically earn 20 hours of service credit.
  3. Attending parent/teacher conferences is highly recommended and can be applied to your parent volunteer commitment of 40 hours.

How to Volunteer

  1. Review the descriptions of possible volunteer activities and sign-up for a specific volunteer activity at the parent orientation. 
    1. A schedule will be developed based on your interests and availability. 
    2. At the beginning of each month the parent volunteer schedule will be sent home with students and will be posted in the parent center or school bulletin board. 
  2. Feel free to call the school at the beginning of the school year or any time thereafter and make arrangements to volunteer at the school. 
  3. Take a TB test and submit the results to the school.
  4. Notify the school at least 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule.
  5. Please do not show up at the school ready to volunteer if you have not been scheduled to work.
  6. To participate in a workshop or special training for parents, please refer to the schedule of parent workshops for the year.

Volunteering at the School

  1. Your Parent Volunteer Card will be kept on file at school.  Before you leave for the day, ask a staff member to verify your volunteer minutes or hours by stamping your card.  The school will monitor the number of volunteer hours each family has accumulated. 
  2. All volunteers must sign in and sign out at the front office. 
  3. All parent volunteers must wear identification before beginning work on any assignment or before going into the classroom.  Each parent volunteer will receive a name badge and/or a Parent Volunteer vest.
  4. Use the restroom designated for visitors.
  5. Please respect classroom activities and the privacy of faculty and staff when volunteering.
  6. Please do not engage your child’s teacher in personal matters, instead schedule regular conferences though the year.


  1. Parents who earns more than 40 service hours will be awarded a Parent VIP badge.
  2. Each parent volunteer at the school will also be invited to an end-of-the-year parent volunteer “thank you” celebration.  At this function, parents who have met or exceeded their parent volunteer commitment will receive a certificate and will be eligible to participate in a school raffle to win special prizes.
Volunteer Policy

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