Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School

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I hold my B.A. in English and M.A. in Religious Social Ethics from the University of Southern California. Prior to becoming a teacher, I spent 25 years as the Director of Information Technology for a multi-billion dollar investment banking firm. It was my ability to write that landed me my first job in the investment industry. The ability to communicate effectively is the most valuable skill in any career path. I am thrilled to be able to return to my academic loves at this juncture in my life. “There is no frigate like a book…..” Discover the world; discover others; discover yourself in the world of literature. My M.A. in Ethics reflects my passion for social justice. Questions of how we are to live in this world, true to ourselves, in community with one another, and in harmony with our environment are the prism through which I engage with the world. My class vision is VOICE. 
 V My VOICE has value. What I say is important. 
O I take ownership of my VOICE to speak my truth. 
I Integrity is the compass that guides my VOICE. 
C My VOICE is courageous. I will not be silenced. 
E My VOICE is my vehicle of empowerment. 
 I am passionate about helping students discover their VOICE.