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Dual Enrollment

  1. Students will need to have an active LACCD ID number. Their ID number will start with 88 or 90. If students have not taken an LACCD course within the past year OR have never taken an LACCD course they will need to apply.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to apply

  1. Complete the K12 form. School stamp is not required, but the signature of student, parent, and K12 school counselor must be on the K12 form. The student must have all courses requested listed on the K12 form.

Here is a video showing you how to complete a K12 form electronically

  1. Submit your form to the Admissions Office Live Chat Window. An Admission representative will lift the K12 hold so that you can log into your account to add the course. We advise using the  Live Chat option rather than email. 

 Here is the ELAC Admissions Live Chat Window link

  1. Log into your student portal and add the course you requested on your K12 form.

Here is a video showing you how to add courses online


Southwest College (LASC)

Los Angeles Southwest College COVID-19K-12 Supplemental Application for Admission Process

Step 1: The student initiates the K-12 application form from the district website, completes the "K-12 Student Information" section, and saves as pdf.  Student emails completed-12 form to the school counselor. LACCD student ID number is required on all forms.*

Step 2: The counselor completes the "College Enrollment Information" section, making sure to identify the ​Term​, ​College Course Subject​, ​Course Number, and Class Number​(i.e.Health 11 12345).  Counselor prints name, signs name using Adobe Acrobat Fill and Sign or Draw feature, saves document, and forwards document and a copy of the student’s unofficial high school transcript to [email protected]. Documentation must be submitted by the published deadline in the Schedule of Classes. 

Step 3: Vice President of Student Services will review all K-12 forms and forward them to Admissions and Records. Denied K-12 applications will be returned to the student. Forms submitted after the published deadline will not be approved.

Step 4: Students are responsible for enrolling in the approved courses via the student information system (SIS) portal, during their assigned registration time. Students are responsible for dropping classes that they do not wish to complete.

* New students must complete the LACCD admissions application prior to submitting the K-12 form.

For questions, please contact Admissions and Records during business hours via live chat.