Mission & Vision Statement

The mission of Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, a nonprofit charter management organization, is to open and operate a network of small, high-performing high schools and middle schools in low income communities in California with historically under-performing schools, that will annually demonstrate student academic achievement growth, and graduate students ready for success in college.
Alliance schools significantly outperform traditional public schools in preparing students to enter and succeed in college. Our schools use an educational model based on high expectations of students, small and personalized campuses, a longer school year and a longer instructional day, a team of highly effective teachers and principals, and parents as partners in their child’s educational success. The vision for Alliance schools is that they will consistently demonstrate student readiness for success in college by achieving an annual academic growth rate of 1 to 1.5 years in student results on state academic standards; by increasing student performance on college-readiness indicators including SAT, ACT, and EAP exams; by achieving a 100% success rate on passing high school exit exams; by dramatically reducing dropout rates to 0%, by ensuring that less than 15% of students need remedial English or Math in college. 100% of our middle school students will demonstrate readiness for high school by culminating eighth grade having taken and passed Algebra.
The Alliance will expand the choice of excellent schools with a high success rate for parents in Los Angeles to surrounding communities in California whose children attend low-performing schools.
Characteristics of our schools: Highly effective teachers and principals guided by core values High success rates on California state academic standards 100% success rate on passing California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) 90% four-year graduation rate 100% of students continuously enrolled for four years are accepted to college On the Forefront of Educational Innovation Since its inception, the Alliance has been a catalyst in understanding what works to prepare students for college. Our teachers bring innovative instruction to students with a personalized, safe learning environment. We believe that all children can learn successfully at high levels given the opportunity to do so.
The Alliance core values create a roadmap to graduation and college admission that is working. The success of our students -- and particularly our graduates -- confirms the effectiveness of the Alliance model.